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Translation Agency “Perevod58”

Translation Agency “Perevod58” provides oral and written translations from most languages of the world, notarization of translated documents, and legalization (apostille).

Address: Suvorova str., 172, Penza

Phone: +7 963 100-07-27 (Russian or English)

Written translations cost

The prices are for the standard page. One regulatory page for languages using Cyrillic or Latin contains 1,800 characters, including spaces. For hieroglyphic languages, the calculation is carried out by the number of characters in the Russian translation.

Document Translation Translation with Notary
Passport (First Page) 300 1200
Passport (All Pages) 500 1400
Diploma (without Annex) 600 1500
Diploma (with Annex) 1700 3500

Other documents (full list of languages is here)

  Language Price
English 400
French 500
German 500
Spanish 500
Italian 500
Chinese 800
Arabic 800
Turkish 600
Persian 800